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History and Organization

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History of Korea Power Learning Institute
Conclusion of the MOU with Daejeon City on the construction of integrated training town for power generation technology
nauguration of the Korea Power Learning Institute (co-run by 5 power generation companies) Inauguration ceremony of the Korea Power Learning Institute
General meeting on the inauguration of the Korea Power Learning Institute Incorporated Association
Constitutional merge and operation transfer to electric power training institution Promotion of 5 company-run corporate sole
Reorganization and expansion to Power Learning Institute
Establishment of Samcheon-po Training Centre
Korea Power Learning Institute (KPLI) is the footprints of Korea’s power education
  • An institute where the education seeking to achieve co-prosperity is at offer.
  • Whose priority lies in humanity’s growth and development.
  • Where the values of electric power for happiness can be found.
  • It’s Korea Power Learning Institute.
  • KPLI has been accompanying the history of Korea’s power education since it was first introduced in 1961 up until 2002 when it came to be what it is today. (An incorporated association co-run by 5 power generation companies: Southeast, Central, West, South, and East-West)
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