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Division work

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Position Major Responsibility
Strategic Planning Dept Board of Directors, EmployeeAssembly,organizationmanagement Institute budgeting and Marketing
Future Strategic establishment, Relocation propel
New Growth Engine Team Incharge of Maintenance Engineering
New generation energy, Thermal power, skill qualification
E-learning contents planning and development, Lifelong education facility operating Computational, network Cyber education related operation, accounting Program maintenance, Development
Management support team Individual management, Receipt of document Human Resourcing, Labor, Events Transportation, Fire-fighting, General affairs Cafeteria, Providing meals Salary, Welfare, Human Service, Company’s house for employee
tax, Final accounting, cashier budgeting, Contract
Office building management, civil engineering, construction, Maintenance management Electricity, telecommunications
In charge of Relocation propel
Education Operating team Electric Power Industry Basis Fund, Trial lessons, Research report, Professor’s Assessment Education planning, Education course management Education performance, Completion survey Newsletter production, Conference
Lecture fee, Visual and auditory facilities operation Institute within and outside lecture feeresults Assigning rooms and dormitory management MinistryofLabor
Teaching materials management Overseas education support Library operation
Power Generation Instructor Office Boiler, Thermodynamics, Chemical washing object facilities
Boiler peripheral equipment and fuel facilities, Boiler performance
Mechanic practicum, Mechanic theory course
Boiler actual work, Thermodynamics, general plumbing / general diesel
Boiler peripheral equipment and fuel facilities basics, general keeping warmth
Steam turbine practice, Development facilities’ metal material, General vibration
Turbine peripheral equipment basics, Axis array
Turbine peripheral equipment practice, General vibration
Steam turbine basics, General oil pressure, Oil pressure Practice
Turbine mechanic practice, theory course
Turbine peripheral equipment basics, General running, Thermal power combustion technique
Gas turbine and auxiliary installations, Combustion technique
Compound thermal power, Cogeneration, Compound power performance
Gas Turbine, Compound thermal power auxiliary installations
Compound power, General power
Engineering Instructor Office General Make and break facilities, House electrical circuit, electric motor, and Transformer
Transformer, Circuit breaker, House electrical circuit, generator and electric installation test working
General Generator theory, Structure/Driving, Protection, standby electricity generator, New generation energy
Protective relay (ground/voltage relay), electric power system, Circuit breaker principle and characteristics, circuit breaker standard
Protective relay characteristics, Generator(second level) structure and production, maintenance, insulation test
Electricity basics, generator introduction, storage battery, electric precipitator
Measurements principle, Turbine control, Gas turbine control, Section planning - Construction
Complex control and Simulation, Combustion measurement, desulfurization observation - Control, pneumatic control device
General control device, Control Principle, Sequence, Hi-corder theory and basic measurement, Makr-6 operation stop simulation
Measurements principle, Turbine control, Gas turbine control, Sequence
General Measurement principle, Sequence, General electric installation
Environmental Chemistry Instructor Office Environmental Chemistry Professor’s Room business affair
Environment water quality, Environment atmosphere, Chemical washing
Water for generation, Management of quality of water
Desulfurizer, Combustion management, Fuel management
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