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A power plant is composed of milions of parts which should be organized and managed precisely.
in the area of mechanic machinery, in particular, water-tight precision is the key to power maintenance.

-Training courses

  • Boiler technology
  • Steam turbine technology
  • Pump/shaft alignment skill course
  • Valves/Hydraulic technology
  • Welding/Non-destructive test technology
  • pipe laying technology

- Major training facilities and contents of the courses

Vibration management training/analysis facility

  • Trainees can learn the principle of measuring vibration and how to run the vibration supervision system
  • Trainees can run the vibration monitoring system (DM2000) and analyze vibration from distance monitoring using LAN
  • Trainees can use Rotor Kit and learn Weight Balancing

Shaft Alignment training facility

  • Trainees can measure shaft misalignment with the spinning shaft alignment kit
  • Trainees can practice Dial Gage/Laser Shaft Alignment

Non-destruction training facility

  • Trainees can practice non-destructive tests such as UT, MT and PT by using models
  • Trainees can practice reading RT Film

Hydraulic power training facility

  • Trainees can run various kinds of transparent hydraulic equipment and check the structure of the machine, the state of the movement and flow of the hydraulic power

Power generator exhibition room

  • The room exhibits actual accessories of various power plants
  • Trainees can experience and understand actual equipment of various power plants
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