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To optimize the operation of the power plant and maximize the life span, water treatment and combustion control are inevitable.
Moreover, power plant can contribute to the operation of eco-friendly power facilities through desulphurization, denitrification and waste water treatment, etc. in this course, we execute practical training in the areas related to chemistry, combustion and the environment.

-Training courses

  • Waste water control
  • Air pollution control
  • Desulphurization
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Water treatment
  • Combustion technology
  • Fuel management

-Major training facilities and contents of the courses

Atomic Absorption spectrometer (AA)

  • Analysis of boiler circular system water
  • Making decisions on the timing of chemical and analyzing
  • Analyzing sludge and metal components, water treatment and management and learning how to judge appropriateness

lon Chromatography (IC)

  • Anolyzing the concentration of positive and negative ions in the boiler circular system water
  • Learning to figure out the timing of opening bolier CBD and diagnose water treatment equipment
  • Analyzing polluted particles in waste water

Gas Chromatography (GC)

  • Analyzing components of gaseous fuel
  • Analyzing the degree of purity of gases such as hydrogen gas
  • Analyzing dissolved gas in the insulating oil diagnosing the cause of internal dysfunction

Environment and chemistry lab

  • Boiler circular system water analysis (e.g.pH conductivity)
  • Fuel analysis (e.g. caloric value, proximate analysis)
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