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The combined cycle power plant simulator in KPLI is the only one in Korea.
During this course, trainees will learn how to run the plant, obtain emergency skills such as emergency control and master programs to smoothly execute the control.

- Training courses

  • Combined cycle power plant

- Features of the simulator

Realizing over 30 kinds of various initial conditions

  • Iit can set up different situations by changing starting condition, operation mode, timing of the operation.

Creating over 90 kinds of virtual dysfunction and emergencies

  • It can be a trouble shooting tool that will improve emergency measures because the simulator offers possible emergencies to each machine.

Providing pleasant, convenient and user-friendly training environment

  • It can maximize training effects with eco-friendly indoor interior and detailed explanations on a large-sized 70 inched monitor

Measuring and reporting the performance of the traninees

  • It can evaluate operators' management skills by finding why the emergency broke out, how the operator deal with it and when it happened.

Available for the maximum number of 10 trainees at the same time

  • Consisting of main and assistant operators, a total of 5 team are made in the operation training.
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