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Simulate Content
Vibration Monitoring & Analysis Equipment
  • Educational process and target (term)
  • Complex heating power simulation drive course: The targets are fire power worker from company with membership and company (1 week)

Characteristic of simulator

  • 1) Embody more than 30 initial conditions
  • Provide various circumstances on driver’s demand such as movement condition drive mode, drive view and repeatable practice for individual achievement
  • 2) Embody more than 90 kind of imaginational trouble and emergency situation
  • Provide trouble shooting function for each main simulator for possible emergency situation to develop urgent measure
  • 3) Provide delightful and convenient educational circumstance for user
  • Maximize efficiency education using by greenness material and 70 inch wide screen monitor system
  • 4) Trainee report functions for outcome evaluation
  • In case of emergency, evaluate driver’s ability of feedback, content of during measure and total time spend
  • 5) Available for up to 10 trainees at the same period
  • organized as main and assistant driver in 5 teams total
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