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Subject The 10th president of KPLI, Mr. Hung Sil, Park, has come into office.
  By lee Views 969 Date 2013-06-04

The 10th president of KPLI, Mr. Hung Sil, Park, has come into office.

As of April 9, 2013 KPLI held in autorium the official inauguration ceremony of Mr. Hung Sil, Park, the 10th president.

On the ceremony to congratulate President Park's taking office, there also were distinguished guests from

neighbouring community, likewise, Mr. Joong Sik, Kim, Executive Operation Director of Taean Thermal Power Plant

Division, Mr. Hyeong Rak, Park, Executive Construction Directo of Taean Thermal Power Plant Division,

Mr. Soo Ho, Kong, President of KPS Manpower Development Training Center, together with Mr. Kyung Il, Moon,

Union Head of KPLI.

In the inaugural address, he expressed gratitude and honour to former KPLI presidents as well as staff for their

commitment who had played a pivotal role in " nurturing high potential experts in electric power industries " over

tumultuous period of three decades since the foundation of Samcheon-po Training Center in 1983.

In the meantime, to commit the mission of " Nurturing Person into Capable Expert in Electric Power Sector in the

21st Century " he proposed management masterplan to pursue from the outset focusing on

Firstly, dauntless proceeding in construction of Electric Power Technology Training Complex

Secondly, strengthening key competence for fostering talented leading 

Thirdly, playing the pivotal role in manpower training and information exchange for co-run five power generation


Finally, invigorating community vitality and building trust in labor-management culture

In consequence, he urged KPLI should do its every endeavor to grow into a top notched global leading education

institute beyond the nation with its high-tech field experience knowledges and infrastructure in electric power


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